6th Symposium on X-ray Computed Tomography & inauguration of the KU Leuven XCT Core Facility

Dear all,

We are excited to announce the 6th Symposium on X-ray Computed Tomography, along with the inauguration of the recently launched KU Leuven XCT Core Facility, to take place on May 24&25, 2022 at the Thermotechnical Institute in Heverlee (KU Leuven).

The symposium, being fully in person, presents an attractive program and stimulates networking, connecting researchers and industrial collaborators in the field.

During the first day, speakers from a wide variety of application fields will give short lectures; (1) materials engineering, (2) bio-engineering and dental applications, (3) biomedical sciences and engineering and (4) civil engineering, geology and metrology.

Additionally, there are (poster) presentation opportunities for PhDs and Post-Docs. We are also happy to announce that our international keynote speaker is Prof. Philip Withers, from the University of Manchester (UK) and founder of the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility.

The second day is dedicated to workshops (Avizo DVC module & introduction to VoxTex) and demos on the different XCT systems within the core facility.

Here is the program of the Symposium: https://kuleuven.xct.be/program-of-the-6th-symposium

More information will follow soon! Please block these days already in your agenda!

We hope to welcome you all there on May 24&25, 2022!

Best regards,
Organizing committee