RL3 – Biosystems and food

Many processes in biological systems operate at the nano- and micro-scale and the changes in microscopic architecture determine to a large extent the behaviour of the system. It is mandatory to incorporate the structure in analysis, optimization and control of processes in, among others, agri- and horticulture, food production and diagnostics. Therefore, a comprehensive account of the 3D architecture of biosystems is needed across different spatial scales. This can be achieved by thorough mathematical modelling employing multiscale approaches that directly incorporate the microstructure obtained from the X-ray acquisitions at the KU Leuven XCT Core Facility. Thereto we develop new imaging approaches such as 4D techniques and (phase-)contrast imaging, as well as advanced automated image processing pipelines for segmentation, 3D shape generation and modelling, including multivariate statistics, deep learning techniques, pore network modeling and numerical methods (FEA, FVM, DEM, CFD).



RL3 Team