RL6 – Geology

XCT extends traditional 2D petrographic analyses to observations and quantitative analyses in 3D, and even allows to capture temporal changes (4D) to the microstructure, such as cement formation. Active research at the Geology division is dedicated to extracting quantitative measurements from volumetric data. This includes, for example, porosity, permeability, mineralogy and other quantitative measurements in hydrocarbon, geothermal and CO2 storage reservoirs and cap-rocks. Via an upscaling strategy XCT data can be linked to other petrophysical measurements, such as downhole NMR logging, caliper porosity, etc. On the other hand, XCT can be used to analyze the size and shape of fluid and melt inclusions in 3D, which improves quantification by removing assumptions and uncertainties that come from 2D interpretations.

RL6 Team