RL7 – BIOMAT & OMFS-Impath

The high-special resolution and contrast images provided by nanofocus X-CT devices allow to accurately detect and quantify ultra-small structures within the instrumented root canals, called dentin debris. The accurate location and quantification of debris using tridimensional images in endodontic research is essential to evaluate the efficacy of cleaning and modeling methods of the canal system. The illustrations (figure and video) show the post-processing steps: registration of pre- and post-operative images, root canal segmentation and quantification of the debris after instrumentation.

Researchers involved: Clarissa Teles Rodrigues, Mostafa EzEldeen, Jader Camilo Pinto, Karla de Faria Vasconcelos, Paul Lambrechts, Mário Tanomaru-Filho, Marco Antonio Hungaro Duarte and Reinhilde Jacobs

RL7 Team