TeScan Unitom HR

The Unitom HR is a modular and flexible sub-micron resolution XCT system. The system aims at making high resolution and high contrast images. Samples are typically small. The system is equipped with 2 detectors. One which has its optimal performance at lower kV (< 130 kV) producing very sharp, high resolution images. The other detector allows fast scanning, high sample throughput, and temporal resolutions below 10 seconds. Together with the integrated in-situ kit, this enables dynamic XCT (4D XCT) for real-time in-situ experiments.
Technical Details

Room: Kasteelpark Arenberg 44, 3001 Leuven, Materials Engineering, X-ray lab: 91.15

More Technical information: johan.vanhulst@kuleuven.be; jeroen.soete@kuleuven.be